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Aerial View of River

Official trailer for Cycle Across Unova, a feature length documentary.


Cycle Across Unova is a TV-hour biking documentary taking a cinematic journey through the real-life world of Pokémon. Every main series game in the Pokémon franchise has a fictional land for us to explore, all of which were inspired by locations here on Earth. The fifth title, Pokémon Black & White, took place in a region called Unova, a land nearly identical to New York City and its surrounding areas. We want to be the first to take a professional, in-depth look into how these cities, parks, and towns inspired the layouts of the games we've come to love.

Producers: Stephen Aymond, Nick Solorzano
Writer: Stephen Aymond
Director: Stephen Aymond
Director of Photography: Nick Solorzano
Audio Mixer:  Zane Hall
Assistant: Ahmad Evans, Chris Orangeo
Editor: Stephen Aymond
Animator: Stephen Aymond
Color: Nick Solorzano

Cycle Across Unova is currently in post production. Expected release date is Winter 2022!

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