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Made for the SunRay "No Talking" competition.

Gravity Dog took first place after entering Cinema Behavioral Corrections into SunRay's "No Talking" competition. As the first place winner, our short screened, entertaining and educating audiences, before every film that played in the theater for the year of 2019. 

Shoes off, beef stroganoff.

Writers: Nick Solorzano, Ahmad Evans
Directors: Nick Solorzano, Ahmad Evans
First Assistant Director: Stephen Aymond
Director of Photography: Nick Solorzano
Camera Operator:  Zane Hall

Sound: John Van der Does
Gaffer: Brad Bragg
Grips: Jey Mayberry, Keith Ainley
Production Assistant: Lana Thomason
Craft Services: Loretta Johnson
Editors: Ahmad Evans, Stephen Aymond
Animator: Stephen Aymond
Color: Nick Solorzano
Final Mix: Thomas Amason

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